Haunted Fishing Town: Part One

Using my boat paintings as initial inspiration, I started drawing ideas for a themed attraction. I really liked the idea of having one large ship as the focus that visitors would interact with.


As I continued exploring I liked the idea of building out the environment around the ship. I started to think of the boat as a ghost that mysteriously docked in this remote town and haunted it, acting as a catalyst that turned a once simple fishing town into a haunted ghost town. I gathered up reference of small coastal fishing towns and started sketching.





I eventually decided on a layout that would allow the visitor to walk along the dock and pass through the ship to the upper deck where the town is located. I tried to set it up like a main street where all of the major landmarks would be located including a Tavern, Forge/Workshop, Small Residences, Country Market, and Converted Asylum. I’ll continue to post as I work out the final design and details.